KR808D-1 Cigarette Pack Style (PCC) Portable Charging Case

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KR808D-1 Cigarette Pack Style PCC Portable Charging Case offer’s easy charging of your KR808D-1 batteries and storage for your KR808D-1 Cartomizers. Charge on the go when you are not near a viable power source.


The KR808D-1 Cigarette Pack Style (PCC) Portable Charging Case charges your KR808D-1 batteries quickly and efficiently while you are on the road without a power source nearby. It connects via USB for initial charging of the case itself and once fully charged provides adequate charging for your e-cigarette batteries.

Powerful and Portable
This PCC packs a powerful punch providing 1950mAh of power to charge your KR808D-1 batteries from eCigarettes Canada 10 times without needing to charge the case again. It is also portable enough that you can put it in a coat pocket and carry it just like a pack of cigarettes.

Roomy Design
Inside the PCC you can hold 5 cartomizers and 2 batteries. 1 battery can charge while the other is stored next to it safely. The lid of the PCC closes while the battery is charging inside. This PCC is made specifically for 68mm KR808D-1 batteries. Any batteries that are longer than 68mm will have issues where the lid will not be able to close while the battery is charging inside the PCC.

LCD Screen 
The front of the PCC features an LCD screen which shows the remaining charge left in the PCC itself and also indicates when the PCC is being charged. 

Quick Efficient Charging via USB
Charging of the PCC can be done via a desktop or laptop’s powered usb port. Simply connect the PCC to a desktop or laptop’s powered usb port via the included usb charging cable and the LCD on the front will show the PCC is charging.

Charge KR808D-1 Batteries Effortlessly
To charge your KR808D-1 68mm batteries, simply screw one into the charging slot on the PCC and click the chrome button on the front of the unit. Charging will begin and the tip of the battery to be charged will start glowing. Charging is complete when the LED tip of the battery turns off.

Included with your purchase:

  • 1 x KR808D-1 Cigarette Pack Style (PCC) Portable Charging Case 1950mAh
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable

Note: This PCC will only work with 68mm KR808D-1 batteries or shorter. It will also only work with our Metal KR808D-1 Cartomizers

WARNING: It is important to use only the charger and adapter that came with your kit. Using other charges from other sellers or other kits may result in malfunction of the battery which can cause damage or possible injury. 

Weight0.4500 kg
Battery Voltage


PCC Color

Black, White

Compatible Battery

KR808D-1 68mm or shorter

PCC Height


PCC Length


PCC Width



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